Ballistic United Strategic Plan

To develop a world-class organization

To continue to be consumer and customer centric

To strengthen our financial future

The Ballistic United Soccer Club (BUSC) Board of Directors recently approved a 3-year Strategic Plan (Plan). We landed on three specific focus areas and points of emphasis.

  • To develop a world-class organization: We identify world class in terms of culture, staff, coaches, players, volunteers, and physical infrastructure. First and foremost, we will continue to strive to provide a high­ quality experience on the field for every player in our program to the best of our ability while solidifying our current base. We will also provide additional training for our staff, coaches and volunteers to further enhance our players' The lack of field space in this town during the winter months is a constant challenge so we are continually exploring opportunities to alleviate this.
  • To continue to be consumer and customer centric: We will focus on an environment that uses transparency to foster candor and do our best to always be actively listening to our members and partners. For example, based upon players and parent feedback, we have made a conscious decision to hire a college soccer consultant to enhance our College Advisory Program.
  • To strengthen our financial future: BUSC is in growth mode! We will continue to explore ways to increase revenue through external sources, partnerships, sponsorships and We will be more diligent with how money is spent but not at the expense of the player experience.

The process of developing this Plan has re-energized the Board, staff and coaches. We have already begun implementing this stretching Strategic Plan and welcome your partnership to enable our success. This will include having the Board stepping into a more traditional role of providing oversight and moving out of day-to­ day operations.

In summary, whether your child is playing US Rec soccer or U19 MLS Next, BUSC will continue to provide pathways for all our players to get to where they want to go using soccer as their foundation. Our Leadership and Captains Roundtable programs continue to set us apart from the competition and prepare our young adults for success.

We know that the vast majority of our players will not be playing soccer beyond high school, but the experience they have with BUSC while adhering to our core values of Integrity, Perseverance, Accountability, Aspiration and Sportsmanship (IPAAS) will guide them the rest of their lives. BUSC, more than just your neighborhood Club.


Ballistic United core values: Integrity, Perseverance, Accountability, Aspiration and Sportsmanship