Comp Fees

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    BUSC Comp 2024-25 Fees

Birth YearClub Membership FeeComp Team FeesTotal
U9-10 Premier2016-2015$440$2,113$2,553
U9-10 Elite2016-2015$440$2,113$2,553
U11-12 Premier2014-2013$440$2,490$2,930
U11-12 Elite2014-2013$440$2,490$2,930
U13-15 Premier 2012-2011$440$2,777$3,217
U13-15 Elite2012-2010$440$2,777$3,217
U16-19 Premier2009- 2006$440$2,777$3,217
U16-19 Elite2009- 2006$440$2,777$3,217
U9-10 Select 2016-2015$440$1,348$1,788
U11-12 Select 2014-2013$440$1,348$1,788
U13-19 Select 2012-2006$440$1,348$1,788
U13-19 MLS NEXT2012-2006$440$3,510$3,950

Additional Costs Beyond Program Fees:

Premier/Elite, NEXT Academy, and Select players will all incur the below costs, though there is some variability in uniform costs, depending on whether you purchase optional items such as warm-ups or bags.

  • Uniforms (paid directly to SoccerPro during online uniform ordering–$250-$300);
  • Team Fees (included in Comp Team Fee).

A $100 volunteer fee is included in your registration, as well as the fundraising raffle pre-pay cost above. To receive a refund of the volunteer fee, watch for volunteer opportunities through the Club (assisting at tournaments, etc.). There are many opportunities throughout the year.