Ballistic United Soccer Club & Cogeo Launch Client Partnership

Here is the release issued by Cogeo!

The Cogeo team is excited to announce that we have entered into a client partnership with Ballistic United Soccer Club (BUSC).

This prestigious club based out of Pleasanton, CA has been in operation for over 50 years. BUSC won its first California State Championship in 1972 and continues to be one of the top youth soccer organizations in the country. Their teams have gone on to win multiple state, regional, and international tournament titles.

BUSC is able to maintain their status because of their strategic philosophy. Their leadership believes that the development of players and playmaking is top priority. By devoting focus to player skill and creativity, rather than winning, they produce better soccer players and human beings.

Patrick Sampson, CEO of Cogeo, says, “BUSC carries the utmost tradition of quality and excellence within their club’s culture. Initiating  the era of development (fundraising) into their ecosystem is a logical strategic move and will be a powerful extension of the club’s strongly established culture. Cogeo is honored to be its chosen partner to accomplish this goal.”

BUSC holds the philosophy that no child will be denied the chance to play at their club due to financial hardship. This is where Cogeo comes in. We will be launching a fundraising campaign to promote their programs and increase their ability to provide scholarships or financial aid to those players in need. Simultaneously, we will begin building a case to support future all-weather, lighted fields as well as an improved venue for futsal.

“BUSC is excited about our partnership with Cogeo”, stated Scott McMillin, President of the Board of Directors for Ballistic United Soccer Club. “We need to identify other sources of revenue outside of parent registration fees to supplement our financial aid pool, increase the number and types of playing fields and employ the best staff and coaching in the area.”

Cogeo is thrilled to be able to work with BUSC and their incredible leadership. We are already underway ensuring that they have the proper tools and resources to execute a successful campaign. We look forward to helping BUSC reach their goals.