Pleasanton Adult Sunday Soccer (PASS)

Pleasanton Adult Sunday Soccer (PASS) is a co-ed, recreational soccer league. Players of all abilities are welcome, and the emphasis is on enjoying the game and meeting new people. PASS plays two, twelve-game seasons a year–Spring (March – June) and Fall (Sept – Dec).

Traditionally PASS has used 5-6 fields, playing games at 9:00 and 11:00 on Sundays, though 1 pm games occasionally occur if field availability shifts due to decisions made at the city level.

Over the last five years, PASS has fielded approximately 20-24 teams per season.


Registration occurs as a team. We do not create teams; however, over the last two years, we have received numerous inquiries from “free agents“ looking to play. Registration is “open” around a month before the season starts. As 90% or more of the teams are returning teams, the process is pretty smooth. An email is sent along with a posting on the BUSC website (, and a mention on the BUSC Facebook page. Teams will register using the link on the BUSC website under the adult division. The league will use the gotsoccer technology to handle team registration, print team rosters. The league will be a sanctioned league under US Club thru BUSC. Team managers will be required to upload player waivers and proof of age. The league administrator will approve the uploaded player paperwork and submit the player name for approval. Once approved the players name will be automatically available to list on your gotsoccer team roster. There is a preseason, mandatory Team Rep meeting held approx three weeks before the start of a season. This meeting will most likely take place at the BUSC offices located at 275 Rose Avenue, Suite 209. Any rules changes, discussions, etc take place at this meeting. Once registration is complete, the league administrator will schedule the games, in consult with Tami Shadle of the Rage (BUSC’s field assignor) will work on putting out the season long schedule. Tami will upload the game schedule on the PSRA match official software so that qualified and certified referees will be assigned.


Per the recent meeting with BUSC, the PASS Fees will increase to cover the additional costs of becoming a sanctioned league under US Club, PSRA assigning, city use fees, gotsoccer scheduling technology. Referees will now be paid directly by the PSRA with payments from BUSC. The referee fees will be collected in advance as part of the team registration fee. Currently teams pay $1500 per season. The fee is paid via credit card during the team registration process. It is the responsibility of the team managers to collect player fees to cover the costs of the team registration. If the PASS league generates a profit/reserve, the post-season recap meeting will determine how to use, donate, or distribute the profit.


We have been playing on three-four fields at the Sports Park and two at Aquatic, with an occasional week or two at Val Vista. BUSC will handle field assignments as needed. BUSC’s field set up contractors will handle all of the field prep. The contractors are given the schedule and the rest is taken care of… Note: The City of Pleasanton has been charging PASS an hourly rate for field usage, as opposed to the $25/participant fee but this will change and is budgeted for as we fall under BUSC.


The Tournament has been successful for over 25 years. Running under the umbrella of BUSC, it is the intention of the club want to continue the tournament under the guidance of Rob Gilliam, Mary Zika and Hans. Any profits from the tournament will be donated back to the operation of the PASS league and/or the clubs recreational Cindy Free financial aid program.

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