November News from the Crow’s Nest

Every year I am amazed how quickly we approach the end of the fall season! Each year it seems like we just finish our club team camps, kick off our club tournaments, hold our annual kick off Parade down Main St., which signals the beginning of the fall season, and before you know it, the fall season is wrapping up, high school soccer is beginning, and the club is planning for the holiday break and winter team schedules.

Club Events in October & November

In October, the club held its 4th annual Orange & Gold Gala at Barone’s, in partnership with the Rage. Over 275 members attended the fun evening. This year we added some additional fun and excitement to the evening by announcing the winner of the Gala’s car raffle! The lucky recipient had the choice of choosing a Hyundai Sante Fe or collecting a check for $20,000. Both clubs want to thank our members for their continued support, the donation of team baskets, and the many hours of volunteers that it took to pull off such a great event.

Frans Hoek’s final trip of 2018 concluded in mid-October. During this trip Frans met with individual coaches, attended our futsal training, attended our recreational training, and participated in our efforts to review various video and technology platforms the club is considering in 2019.  Frans will be returning in April of 2019, at which time the club will be presenting its player and coaching profiles by age, reviewing its core curriculum, and the club periodization master schedule for the coming 19/20 soccer season.

In November, we held our 1st first annual “Gene’s 5k Fun Run” in partnership with Gene’s Fine Foods. The event took place on Sunday November 4th with participants running a course at the Pleasanton Sports Park. I would like to thank all of the families and participants who took part in our first 5k club run. The weather was fabulous and the event was fun morning for all!

Board of Directors: Openings

Our club is no different than other sports organizations in terms of it relying heavily upon the volunteer spirit in order to execute its programs. We currently are looking for two board members to serve on the board that will have oversight in either the futsal or recreational programs. Please consider helping us continue to make strides in our efforts to execute our club’s vision and ensure that all players at all ages and levels have a great experience while developing to their full potential as players and young men.

After 45 Years, We Are Saying Goodbye to Mr. BUSC, Tony Chavarria

It is with great sadness but also great wishes and thanks that we let all of our members know that Mr. BUSC, Tony Chavarria, will be ending his 45 plus year tenure with the club at the end of the year. Tony and Sally will be retiring and starting a new chapter in their lives, and we all wish them the best! For the past 45 years, whether as a standout player, a competitive coach, a Recreational director, a friend, or a co-worker, Tony has set the standard we all hope to someday achieve.  His loyalty, passion, work ethic, and dedication will be greatly missed and hard, if not impossible, to replace. Please extend your thanks and appreciation Tony when you next see him.

Everyone In!

All of our club’s divisions, including our adult co-ed league, US Soccer Development Academy, competitive, recreational, and futsal divisions are in full swing. Our membership is over 1,400 strong, not including the 400 plus adult co-ed players. As we attend our sons’ competitive matches, let’s ALL keep in mind it’s all about the players in the end. Mistakes will happen by all involved every week including players, coaches, and referees. Let’s cheer and support at all times and try not coach or criticize from the sidelines. Coaches will do their best to guide their teams, referees will do their best to keep matches played within the rules of the game, and players will do their best to please their coach, their teammates, and their parents!

As always, please reach out to the club if you have any questions or concerns!

Kevin Crow

Executive Director


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