Austin Daniels honored with national Hall of Fame selection!

That Austin Daniels is a topnotch and inspirational soccer coach is a given.

He is a four-time Hall of Fame member in Connecticut, and in his three years at Ballistic United as the Director of Coaching Education, coaches have continually raved about his knowledge and mentorship.

The weekend of January 13-14 let the entire country know how special and how highly thought of is Daniels.

It was in Anaheim at the National Soccer Coaches Association of America convention January 12-13 where Daniels was inducted into the Black Coaches Community Hall of Fame.

Already inducted into the Connecticut Soccer Hall of Fame, the University of Hartford HOF, the Connecticut Girls’ Soccer HOF, and the Women’s Premier Soccer League HOF, Daniels is now nationally recognized.

“It is clearly the most prestigious,” said Daniels. “It is on a national scale.

Daniels is battling cancer and didn’t expect to be honored at the convention but when he was told three weeks before the event, he knew he needed to make the trip.

“It was a surprise,” said Daniels of the award. “But I knew I needed to be there – you don’t get one of these very often.”

Daniels, who was driven to Southern California and back by his brother, has always been someone who vastly appreciates those around him.

“I have to thank my family for this award,” said Daniels. “I’ve had so many people supporting me along the way. Ballistic has been so supportive for the last three years.”

For Daniels, while it was a thrill to be honored, earning awards has never been a motivator for him.

“I’ve never thought of awards,” said Daniels when asked why he has coached for so long. “I came to the sport because I loved it and I wanted to help grow the game.”







Dennis Miller