BUSC adds to its Leadership opportunities!

By Dennis Miller

When Walter Pratte was growing up in Argentina, he didn’t have much.

So, when he came to the United States and saw what kids have available to them, he was perplexed on why there was a high level of stress for some of them.

“I had nothing growing up,” said Pratte. “Just because you have things doesn’t mean you are happy. There are a lot of kids here lacking a sense of purpose. They need to realize what they have.”

Pratte and his wife Pamela Jacobson founded Girls Soccer Worldwide. The company is a leadership program empowering girls to rise out of poverty through sports and education.

The two believe in the power of dreams and are on a mission to create a path of others to not only choose theirs, but to live them.

They have taken groups of girls to South America to carry the message to youngsters in impoverished areas.

Now Pratte has shifted to the Ballistic United Soccer Club and is working with the club’s leadership program.

Ballistic is about building the person behind the player, not just on the field, but through the classroom as well. It’s just another example as to how Ballistic develops all aspects of the player.

The new program is the perfect compliment to the program run by Brady Taylor, the Director of Coaching for the BUSC Competitive Programs.

Taylor focuses on education, while Pratte’s is more community service based.

Along with Ballistic, Pratte is launching a series of Boys Impact Leadership Workshops that start January 28.

They will be sessions of hand on interactive experience where they dive into confidence, courage, character, and compassion needed to lead.
The workshops will be held January 28, February 11, March 17, April 7, and May 19. The cost for these workshops is $295 for all five sessions.

With twin sons, Pratte felt it was a natural thing to part of a boy’s program.

“I had to get involved with the boys’ side,” said Pratte. “I want to teach the boy’s compassion. Boys are taught not to express emotion. You are supposed to be strong. We swallow everything, then explode. You must be able to have those feelings.”

Which goes hand in hand with the Ballistic Leadership program where the club works on teaching leadership to the players throughout their time with the club.

Better players, but equally important, better people.

Pratte and his wife Pamela, who left the corporate world to form their Girls Soccer Worldwide company, will also be involved in the BUSC Leadership classes.

“It’s a passion project – a brave project,” explained Pratte. “What does it mean to have courage? How to have the feelings like confidence, courage, compassion.”

For more information, contact Pratte at 925-596-9571 or at wopratte@yahoo.com.

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