BUSC helps Girls Soccer Worldwide organization!

Girls Soccer Worldwide is a non-profit organization that is a leadership program, empowering girls to rise out of poverty through sports and education.

They believe the most impactful way to break the cycle of poverty and create change within any community is to EMPOWER and EDUCATE woman and young girls.  In many communities, these are the hidden voices and when they are heard, the right kind of change takes place.

In many areas outside of the US, girls are shamed for wanting to be an athlete and lose out on the essential life skills gained by playing sports.  In addition, due to challenges of living in poverty, many girls drop out of school by the 7th grade to help at home and at times, their education can be replaced labor.

In their international 360 Sports and Education Program, Girls Soccer Worldwide is creating opportunities for girls to have access to an equal playing field, to stay in school, and gain leadership skills need to succeed.

It is an organization the Ballistic United Soccer Club knew it had to lend a hand when it had a chance.

“BUSC was thrilled to be able to donate to such a great cause in Girls Soccer Worldwide,” said Tim Ryerson, the general manager of BUSC. “They were able to able to outfit an entire camp over the holidays with BUSC uniforms. We hope to be able to support again next year.” –

The past year, BUSC outfitted the first ever all girl’s recreational soccer team in Coronel Bogado, Paraguay. Naming themselves Las Pioneras, (The Pioneers) there are over 30 girls committed to playing the game they love with full support of their community.  In addition, girls who attended a soccer camp held by Co-Founder, Walter Pratte, were gifted a full BUSC kit.  “We appreciate the generosity and continual support from BUSC.  These girls left feeling proud to say they belong to a team,” he adds.

Living by the words “When you partner with Girls Soccer Worldwide™ you don’t change one. You change thousands,” make the organization an easy one to get behind.

For more information, please visit www.girlssoccerworldwide.org.

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Dennis Miller