BUSC welcomes Shawn Nicklaw to coach MLSNEXT U-19 team!

The Ballistic United Soccer Club has always taken great pride in the coaching staff they’ve assembled.

Another key to developing an elite group is to never stop searching for high quality coaches.

Ballistic has done just that and is pleased to announce the hiring of Shawn Nicklaw, the Associate Head Coach at St, Mary’s College.

Nicklaw will be the man guiding the BUSC MLSNEXT U-19 team.

“I’m excited,” said Nicklaw. “I’m excited to get out to the fields and get to know the players and the staff.”

BUSC is ecstatic as you can imagine.

“We are incredibly excited to bring in Shawn with the wealth of knowledge he has not only in coaching, but with the College process,” said Ballistic Director of Coach Brady Taylor. “This coaching addition will help our players to be more adapted to the College environment, so they have a smoother transition into a college program if that is their path.”

And Nicklaw brings the core values of Ballistic.

“Most importantly Shawn values building good culture and relationships, which is in line with our identity as a club,” expressed Taylor.

After growing up in San Diego, Nicklaw went to the University of Connecticut where he played 80 games in his four years. From there he played professionally in Denmark and Iceland, as well as in the United States in both the USL Pro league and the NASL.

In 2012 Nicklaw became part of the Guamanian National team where he has captained 35 matches.

Following his career – he retired around the time COVID hit – Nicklaw got into cyber-security, which brought him to the Bay Area.

He was doing some coaching at the COPA training in Walnut Creek and in 2021 he became part of Adam Cooper’s staff at St. Mary’s.

“Coop has been a great mentor,” said Nicklaw. “He’s really helped me get to where I am now. I’ve been around Ballistic players and staff when I was coaching at the COPA Training center in Walnut Creek.”

Earlier this year, Ballistic Technical Director Kevin Crow reached out to Cooper. That turned into phone calls with Cooper, Nicklaw, Crow, and Taylor.

And those conversations turned to Nicklaw coming onboard the Ballistic staff. He will his continue his duties with St. Mary’s, as well as work with Ballistic.

“It matches up well,” said Nicklaw. “The Under-19s go to the college showcases and (St. Mary’s staff) was already going to those.”

Dennis Miller