Fall Soccer

Fall Recreational Soccer

Early August - Early November

For fun, for exercise, to enjoy soccer in a less competitive environment.

Fall Recreational soccer is dependent upon volunteer coaches. Simply, the volunteer coaches are the backbone of the club. Recreational coaches enjoy a reduced registration fee for their child’s participation (reimbursed at the end of the season)

BUSC provides recreational coaches an education program that is designed and alligned within the clubs philosophy, mission and values. Coaching education for BUSC includes grassroots coaching licenses, team training sessions (with recreation director), access to MOJO app and our specific age group programming.

Our goal is to provide players with a fun, safe and developmentally appropriate environment that will help foster a long-term passion for soccer.

BUSC provides US Grassroots Coaching Courses (4 hours) FREE of charge for our coaches.  Additionally, BUSC provides additional coach education opportunities and access to MOJO application (training programs with weekly curriculum)

Team placements are not required for our recreational program. All players who register are assigned to a team as long as space is available on team rosters, and players are assigned by their home elementary school within the Pleasanton Unified School District. Per U.S. Soccer requirements, players register by their birth year, NOT by school grade. For more details on this, see Age Group Determination

Mid-August through Late October/Early November

Opening Day Parade in Downtown Pleasanton

Each player may submit ONE buddy request. We do our best to meet all buddy requests which meet the requirements laid out below, but on rare occasions, it may not be possible. In order for a buddy request to be considered, the following requirements MUST be met:

  • Requests for buddies must be MUTUAL. Both players must make the request for one another in order for a match to be made.
  • Requests for buddies must be for players BORN IN THE SAME BIRTH YEAR (ie both born in 2012). If one child was born in 2012 and the other in 2011, they cannot be placed on the same team because they are not in the same US Soccer age group.
  • Requests MUST be made online in the registration process. Requests made via email cannot be considered. Changes to your buddy request can be made in your registration through June 30. Changes made after June 30 will not be able to be accommodated.
  • BOTH players must be fully registered and paid no later than June 30.