Jerry Losson

Coaches' Bio


  • Jerry Losson

Team coaching:

  •  Director of Coaching MLS EYPDA(Elite Youth Player Development Academy)

Years with BUSC:

  • 20


  • USSF National A 
  • USSF USSDA Director of Coaching License
  • USSF National Youth

College Coaching:

  • Assistant Coach, CSU Hayward Women
  • Assistant Coach, Chabot College Men

Club and HS Coaching:

  • Head Coach, Hayward High School-Boys and Girls
  • Head Coach, Washington  High School-Boys
  • Head Coach, American  High School- Boys and Girls
  • Fremont Youth Soccer Club
  • Ballistic United Soccer Club

Playing Experience:

  • Major Division San Francisco, Major Division San Jose
  • California State University-Hayward 

Favorite professional soccer team:

  • Arsenal 

Favorite professional soccer player:

  • Pele 

Favorite movie:

  • Kicking and Screaming 

Favorite music artist/band:

  • Queen

Favorite food:

  • Italian 

Favorite memory as a coach:

  • My favorite memory as a coach changes often because it is when I see former players as adults successfully in a career that they have chosen or when I witness them with their own families and children.

Hidden Talent:

  • I enjoy woodworking.