King of the Cup – Round of 16 results

King of the Cup

Round of 16 – 10 points for each team advancing

Group + Round of 16 scoring

Jerry Losson                  65+60=125

Mike Nieto                      60+60=120

Eric Denton                    55+50+105

Scott McMillin              50+60=110

Brett Rosenberger        45+60=105

Brady Taylor                  45+40=90

Tim Ryerson                  40+50=90


Quarterfinal rosters


Jerry Losson (6): Netherlands, Argentina, Croatia, Portugal, Brazil, France.

Mike Nieto (6): Netherlands, Argentina, Brazil, England, France, Portugal.

Eric Denton (5): Netherlands, Argentina, Brazil, Croatia, Portugal.

Brett Rosenberger (6): England, France, Portugal, Brazil, Netherlands, Argentina.

Brady Taylor (4): England, Brazil, France, Portugal.

Scott McMillin (6): Netherlands, England, Argentina, France, Brazil, Portugal.

Tim Ryerson (5): Netherlands, England, France, Argentina, Brazil.


Dennis Miller