Messi, McMillin, are the Kings of the Cup!!!

  King of the Cup

Finals – 25 points for correct pick

Scoring for all five rounds


Scott McMillin         50+60+30+40+25=205

Jerry Losson                  65+60+30+20+25=200

Mike Nieto                      60+60+30+20+25=195

Eric Denton                    55+50+15+20+25=165

Tim Ryerson                  40+50+30+20+0=140

Brett Rosenberger        45+60+30+0+0=135

Brady Taylor                  45+40+15+0+0=100


BUSC President Scott McMillin is the King of the Cup! Jerry Losson leads from wire to wire until being caught after the semifinals as Scott was the lone person to pick France to the final!


Thanks to all who played! This was a lot of fun!



Dennis Miller