Spring Academy

Registration Information will be updated 3-5 weeks prior to program commencement.
Mondays and Fridays
Monday sessions will be organized in the US Soccer Grassroots - Developmental program. Play, Practice, Play format (see below).
Friday sessions will be oriented around a short warm-up and playing small-sided games with the focus being the same topic as the previous Monday session.
PLAY 1 - Coaches will organize players into games to have focused play and coach observes and guides them towards developing their own solutions.
PRACTICE - Practice activities should be of appropriate challenge, resemble the game, involve the players making decisions and allow for creative problem solving. The coaching role during this phase is to guide players while using teaching actions.
PLAY 2 - Play again This phase offers players the opportunity and freedom to play, without interruption, in an environment that mirrors the actual game. The focus of the final Play phase is to encourage players to express themselves and demonstrate what they learned during the Practice phase. The coach will observe and guide using minimal dialogue.