BUSC is a community soccer club with a competitive portion of the club. We will be holding evaluations and placements for our current players as well as recreational players, within BUSC and players from other clubs in the area. During this time period if you are a current player at BUSC you will always have a spot on a team unless we don’t get enough players to form a team. The players have been evaluated throughout the year. They may stay with their team or be moved to another team depending on how they have played during the season.

Team Placement Schedule 2022

DatesLocationTimeAge Group(s)Birth Year(s)
5/16Val Vista #44-5:30U82015
5/16Val Vista #2-34-5:30U9, U10, U112014, 2013, 2012
5/16Val Vista #1-36-7:30U12 2011
5/17Val Vista #44-5:30U82015
5/17Val Vista #2-34-5:30U9, U10 2014, 2013
5/17Val Vista #1-36-7:30U11, U122012, 2011
5/18Val Vista #2-34-5:30U13, U142010, 2009
5/19Val Vista #1-34-5:30U13, U142010, 2009
5/23Val Vista #1-34-5:30U15, U162008, 2007
5/23Val Vista #1-36-7:30U17, U192006, 2005, 2004
5/24Val Vista #1-34-5:30U15, U162008, 2007
5/24Val Vista #1-36-7:30U17, U192006, 2005, 2004