Taylor, Schulze add DOC License to resumes!

In the spring of 2019, U.S. Soccer launched a new license programe to help coaches develop the competencies needed to complete the tasks of a Director of Coaching – the technical leader of a youth soccer club.

Recently two Ballistic United coaches – Carlos Schulze and Brady Taylor – successfully completed the course, adding to the arsenal of qualifications coaches in the club possess.

“I took (the course) because all these courses know what needs to be done,” said Schulze, the Director of Goalkeeping for Ballistic. “It puts everything in perspective.”

“I have a passion for the game,” added Taylor, the Director of Coaching for the Competitive program at BUSC. “Not just for the game, but for teaching the game. It was an opportunity to develop in an area where I needed growth.”

Based on their individual learning needs, each candidate goes through a tailored program to better execute the tasks of a Director of Coaching.

As the technical leader of their youth soccer clubs, the Director of Coaching develops, implements, and executes plans to improve the level of both players and coaches, while representing the club as part of the greater soccer community.

“The biggest thing was better communication channels with the parents,” said Taylor. “And that benefits the kids.”

Directors of Coaching are tasked with building a player development plan, including style of play and age-group learning structures, as well as a greater player development philosophy that connects the club’s mission to the player experience.

Schulze worked with many youth clubs before coming to Ballistic and has seen clubs in various stages of success.

“Ballistic is the most organized club I have worked for,” said Schulze. “There was a lot of insight – everyone has had the same struggles. Just the lack of knowledge and consistency – I have seen it 100 times.”

They’re also in charge of guiding the club’s coaching methodology while building and guiding a team of coaches and staff.

Directors of Coaching are responsible for the overall performance environment at their clubs and working with both stakeholders within and outside organizations to help serve the needs of players and coaches.

Both Taylor and Schulze had Austin Daniels as their instructor in the course. Daniels is yet another staff member at Ballistic and is the Director of Coaching Education for BUSC.

Dennis Miller